Monday, 3 September 2018

Our first house designs are ready to present. Our Learning Pathway is well on the way.

EXPLORING - After reading and researching in books about homes around the world and what features they have to keep them cool or warm, we had some more ideas about what to think about for our designs. Then we conducted a Maths survey for the electrical appliances in our home and worked out which rooms had the most electricity use. They were the Kitchen and the Living Room.

Next we are MAKING MEANING AND CONNECTIONS between our own ideas and the evidence around us. To do this we are conducting a survey about the energy we use at home and how we can keep our home warm and dry when we need it that way. We also came to the conclusion that we need to know how to keep it cool in Summer as this is part of home design too.

Rylee, Ethan and Drake took a lot of time to work out how to support their roof, they have added carpet to keep warm, come in and ask them to describe the rest of their features to you!

Part of the Design Brief was to include bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. These are rooms that we all like to have. James has put a lot of effort into making his tiny furniture to fit inside his model. The scale is very impressive.

Beau has used his roof to have a terrace to sit out on in the Summer, he has an umbrella to keep cool under and is going to install a heat pump to keep both warm in summer and cool in winter He has not got too much glass or windows where heat can escape.

Room 14 are beginning their home designs - the house of the future that is warm and dry. SHELTER

Following on from The Tread Lightly Caravan visit is the Year 3 Technology Inquiry into Shelter. We have started by thinking about what do we know about houses and their designs. This is our first model design. 

We each had to bring collected items to use and recycle. Some of us chose to work with a partner like Caprice and Kaya and some have chosen to work by themselves like David. 

Father's Day Breakfast with paper planes galore!

What a super breakfast organised by amazing school parents who have taken a lot of their own time to create a wonderful community event! A special mention to the parents who stood outside in the damp, cold fog all morning - Kylee and Bridget! Alongside the PTA parents and the extra help we had from more parents on the day and teachers on the tables, AV equipment and supervision when Dads had to go for the day.

Brandon and His Dad won the first round of paper planes competition! Brandon won a new scooter and a Granger's voucher for Dad! WOW!

The hall is a hive of activity this morning from 7am onwards!

Look at the fog - you cannot see the field. 

Blake Spencer has a go at flying his paper plane design. Jessica waits patiently at the end for her turn.

The fog clears and Beau and his Dad fly their plane high into the air - never give up!

Science in a Van comes to Sunnyhills - what do you notice, see, wonder?

Forces are part of the Physics area of Science - an area often forgotten about when talking to children about Science.

Today we learned about the push and pull of forces. Alan and Emily took us through the play of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and the effect of friction on the push and pull of an object.

Here is Alan playing the part of the Troll.

Here is Emily playing the part of the Big Billy Goat with her muscles which give her the strength to use the force.

Here is the middle sized Billy Goat with the silky material which is going to decrease the friction and help her use her force to push the Troll out of the way.

Here is the Little Billy Goat Gruff pushing the Troll away on her trolley! The wheels have given her super forces!

Here is Miss Fullard - about to sit on a bed of nails!!

What will it be like?

Would you believe it - it was all fine and no one was hurt!

Monday, 27 August 2018

Getwise - Financial Literacy from the ASB

Stop the Wheels and Look for Good Deals!

Shopping in the supermarket with a shopping list and a budget! Only buy what you need and look for specials!

Monday, 13 August 2018

Disco Fever thanks to the PTA!

Boys ready to dance the night away - looking cool guys!

Girls all glittery and ready to sparkle!

I'm sorry I didn't take photos of all of you before it became too dark in the hall.!!

And more Cross Country fun! Boys race this time!

And ready to go so excited!

All together now!

Love the enthusiasm! 

Go Ethan - who also ran around again with a Y0 child to lend a helping hand or encouragement! And you had been in the dance festival!

Super effort Brandon!

David, James running as fast as they can but at a sensible pace!

Super Blake S !

Super effort Jujhar!

Fantastic Ayyan!

Friday, 10 August 2018

Cross country in Winter!! Mud and grass didn't stop us!

All ready to go for our cross country!

Caprice did an awesome job of finishing first in Year 3 Girls - AND she had stayed up late the night before when she was part of the Dance Festival!

Fantastic effort from Natasha who came 2nd - you paced yourself really well!

Go Geena!

Go Jessica!

Go Tayla!

We all sat on the giant tarps that the teachers and Y6 from R2 helped to put out at Morning Tea - thank you!

And Away We Go! Scootering Safety with Andy from Auckland Transport!

After our Monday scootering session we have learned to emergency stop, look out for pedestrians, brake effectively, turn left and right, use both feet - one at a time - to brake and how to fit helmets so they do not fall off when we fall over!

Our first house designs are ready to present. Our Learning Pathway is well on the way.

EXPLORING - After reading and researching in books about homes around the world and what features they have to keep them cool or warm, we ha...