Monday, 9 April 2018

Koru Whanau learns to be Good Sorts too - ASB St Johns Ambulance in Schools programme visit.

Today Nikoli from St Johns came to teach us about how we can help others just like other volunteers in St Johns. 

We need to know our address and phone number in case we ever have to ring 111 in an emergency. 

Do you know your letter box number?
Your street name?
Your suburb?
Your city?
Your home or parent's mobile number?

Next we learned about how to help someone who has a bad cut. We learned about how to elevate a person's arm if they have a bad cut and use some cloth - like a tea towel - to put pressure on a cut to stop it bleeding. We learned how to make a bandage - use a towel or a t-shirt - to bandage a hand. How do you think we did?





Blake B was a great volunteer!

How is Laaibah doing?

How does Ethan feel?

Mmm - how did the wrapping go boys?

It was tricky at first but we improved as we went along! The patients were very patient!


  1. Great learning Room 14. Maybe you will be able to help Mrs Anderson in the sick bay with your newly acquired skills.

  2. What a great learning opportunity for you , kids. Now you will very well know what to do when any of your friends fall over... you will be ready to lend a helping hand. Good job!

  3. Tracey (Blakes Mum)1 May 2018 at 19:48

    You guys did a great job. You have learnt fantastic skills for life.

  4. that's great room 14 :) From Max at room 16.

  5. Such important life lessons to learn. Great to have the experts from St John's supporting us today!


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