Monday, 21 May 2018

Making maths multiplication and division relate to real life problem solving!

The Triangles group has been working on setting up a sports team with uniforms and sports equipment. We used the slide deck on our drive to start to think about what is needed when planning for a sport. What sport did you choose? Now find the price of the clothing on Rebel Sports or The Warehouse websites. Next list the equipment you need for that sport and do the same. Now use your multiplication skills to see if you can multiply the cost by the number of people in the team. Most people chose 10 because that is a times table they know. And 0 or zero are easier to use. We rounded the prices to whole numbers too and are about to present our findings. There is a lot of problem solving and maths talk in our class right now!

In Maths we have been practicing our family of facts using multiplication and division:

3 x 4 = 4 x 3

Using noodle boxes we have been sharing equally and dividing groups and writing the number sentence that describes the action.


  1. Great work Triangles group. Awesome problem solving.

  2. Wow - I'd love to hear some of the answers to your problems. What outfits/uniforms did you research and find were good quality and price from sports stores?


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Mrs Trembath and Mrs Smith

(from left) Mrs Smith, Mrs Trembath, Mrs Cammell, Whaea - the 2018 Year 3 team wish you all the best for the Summer Holidays!