Friday, 16 February 2018

Mighty Maths Rockets

Tiffany and Brandon challenge each other in this dice game where you roll 2 dice and select a number made from the 2 digits to write on to the rocket. The numbers can be placed anywhere from the top to the bottom of the rocket in the available 10 spaces but must be in order from smallest to biggest. The first person to fill all 10 slots and have their numbers in the correct order is the winner.

Yi Fan and Jessica accepted the challenge and worked out that the largest possible number would be 66 and the smallest possible number would be 11.

Milana, Stevie-Mei and Aayush are using their number knowledge of 2 digit numbers and thinking strategically to see if they can fill the spaces first.

Caprice, Aston and Rylee concentrated hard on their numbers. I wonder who filled their rocket in first AND had the numbers in the correct order? Lots of MATHS TALK here!

You can play this game at home with paper, and any number of dice. The more dice you have the larger the numbers available and the more digits you have to put in order.

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  1. What amazing Mathematicians you will be Room 14... can you imagine the types of problems that you will be able to solve by the end of the year?


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