Thursday, 22 February 2018

We are learning to log in to the Drive and open our files!

Lots of learning here with a great growth mind set!
This group of texperts are learning to identify keys on the keyboard such as 'shift' and '@'
Now they can open their Reading folder and start their slides.
This group of children will then teach another group the same skills alongside Mrs T.


  1. Great work Room 14. Good to see you sharing your skills and teaching each other. You'll soon all be whizzes at using Google docs

  2. Well done Room 14. I look forward to seeing what learning work you will do in your Google Drive - Did you know that Mrs Driver can see every student's folder in the school? So, I am checking to see whether you are being a great digital citizen as well as super work!

  3. Good effort R14....We in R16 are learning lots too especially correctly typing our email addresses and passwords. We love our devices and hope you love yours too. Awesome effort R14 fm Whaea xox

  4. I can't wait for my turn!
    Love Alexandra

  5. Great stuff room 14! How exciting.


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