Sunday, 4 March 2018

Chapter Chat - tweeting experts!

Here we are tweeting in pairs this time. One person is the scribe and they are on the keyboard. The other person is discussing with the scribe how to tweet and what to tweet. 
The questions start at 10am Friday and keep feeding into Chapter Chat NZ 3/4. We have 9 questions to answer but there is so much information feeding in we also end up tweeting feedback to other classes and their work! If you want to follow us go to:

Mrs T asks us to show her the tweet before we tweet them. They are supposed to be in full sentences, correct punctuation and have our first names only.

It is so busy - we don't want to go to morning tea! 

THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO ENGAGE WITH OTHER CLASSES AND LEARN ABOUT OTHER NEW ZEALAND SCHOOLS. We look forward to reading the next set of chapters before next Friday so that we are ready to tweet again about THE TERRIBLE TWO.

Here are some of our character studies about the main character Miles - he's not too happy about moving to a new school and making new friends.


  1. I will have to ask Alexandra to teach me how to Tweet! This looks like great fun ;-)

  2. Brilliant Room 14. I'm so pleased you are participating in the chapter chat tweet series - so many activities to do and connecting authentically with other learners from across NZ! ENJOY - I look forward to reading more about this via your blog!


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