Saturday, 10 March 2018

Worm Bin - Good Sorts in our School!

Taking worm bins from each eating area. Do you know what to put in a worm bin. There are some things you do not put it like onion, citrus, dairy, paper towels.

We even empty the staff room bin. It had the most scraps out of all the bins today - well done everyone!

Off to feed those tiger worms - can you hear them growling?

Many hands make light work!

We wash the bins out at the end so they are not smelly and attracting fruit flies over the weekend.


  1. What super Enviro Stars you are Room 14

  2. Ka pai you Good Sorts from Room 14 - helping us out to make Sunnyhills a better place.

  3. Great work everyone - we need you all to come over to our house and help us set up our worm bin! We bought the bin 6 weeks ago, but still haven't gotten round to getting the worms... can we borrow some?


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