Sunday, 4 March 2018

We are becoming fish - swimming in our school pool!

Here we are swimming in the pool! The wonderful PTA are fundraising for a heat pump so that next year we will be able to swim in the pool for a longer period of time.

And here are our very own fish - a sucker fish to clean the tank, 1 neon, 2 mollies and a large rainbow shark (who is nocturnal)! We are learning to respect animals including our fish. We have 3 children who are the Marine Biologists at the moment who are in charge of feeding the fish, making sure the tank is clean and making sure people in our class treat the fish with respect. We have a Fish Tank Treaty for this reason.

This is the Rainbow shark fish - it is a large fish and super sensitive. It is 3 years old. Mrs T was clearing the tank before she brought it to school and put it in a bucket for the time. It does not like coming out of the helmet very often. It is super shy. It is very special to the Trembath Family.


  1. I like the analogy that Mrs Trembath has made between you learners being clever swimmers in our pool and the fish you've just got in your classroom. I'm sure that you will be moving through the water like dolphins by the end of the swimming season.

  2. Tracey (Blakes Mum)18 March 2018 at 13:48

    We are really lucky to have our school pool & very lucky to have your own fish in the classroom. You guys are looking very confident in the water..just like the fish.


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