Sunday, 4 March 2018

It takes All Sorts to be Good Sorts!

This is our new Inquiry from this week onwards until next term. It comes under our school wide umbrella topic of Manaakitanga and Kindness. We will be developing the ethic of caring throughout our school.
We have completed our Korowai as a class and are now in the midst of forming a Class Treaty.

This Inquiry will involve having people coming into school to talk to the Year 3 Whanau about their roles in the community. We start with Constable Merv Hotter this week. We also want the children to think about how people volunteer their time to serve our community in different ways. We want to show them how they can help others too. The children will learn that they can become Good Sorts no matter what their skills are - hence it takes All Sorts. Maybe you as a family could start to talk about this at home. Point out to children the St. Johns Ambulance volunteers at sports next time, the Coast Guard boats on the harbour, and maybe you yourself coach a soccer team or run a Pippins group.

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  1. Room 14 you are in for an exciting time learning about being a good sort over the next few weeks - I bet a few of you are already good sorts!


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