Sunday, 25 March 2018

Dramaramas! Great drama unfolded at the Museum - a summary of our ideas so far! Thank you so much to the wonderful parents who came along and supported us!

Each of our groups (extra points if whanau participated and I'm happy to say they all have awesome acting skills) had to create a drama of a type of Good Sort we had discussed in our Education Session with the fantastic educator Leichelle.

Here is Jujhar, Brandon and Lucas with Brandon's Mum. They are Ambulance paramedics. Jujhar is great at chest compressions!

Natasha's Mum led the way with Milana, Drake, Aston, and Natasha - can you guess what they are up to??

Here is James, Jason, Yi Fan, Max and Aayush with James' Mum. They are the life boat people rowing out to sea!

Here is a group of life savers rescuing people who are in trouble in the water - can you see their hands up in distress? Beau, Rylee, Ethan, BlakeB, Ayyan with BlakeB's Mum.

Life boat rescuers had to be very strong and row across treacherous conditions from Christchurch Beaches. Here is Alexandra's Gran leading the team of Tiffany, Caprice, David, Stevie-Mei and Sammie.

Oh no! Alexandra's Mum has had her back pack stolen - ring the police! Here they come in their blue uniforms! Alexandra, Geena, Kaya, Tayla and Kiera.


  1. What fun. Sounds like an awesome trip with lots of learning about everyday heroes.

  2. Tracey (Blakes Mum)3 April 2018 at 19:17

    I loved this trip with you guys. So much to see and do. You were all heroes with your amazing manners. Great job guys

  3. Super to see and hear that you put your dramatisation skills to good use! Well done Room 14.


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